I travelled long and I travelled far

Into the beautiful wilderness

By the ceaseless shorelines

Walked roads paved with rocks

Fell hard and fast,

Only to stand and stare a moment,

For a glimpse, a capture, a Soul…


For what is this life, If you have no story to tell..

Coming from a place where degrees and IT jobs would matter more, I chose the road less travelled, unperturbed by many judgements I followed by heart pursued my dream , admitted my intuition. And here I stand to show the world what it takes to live a dream. As I clutch my camera my only desire is to bring out the best I can see through those magical lens, to show the world what I can see.


My photograph was officially featured on Nikon Asia instagram and twitter (other achievements). I consider all these achievements as humble beginning to a great venture.


My present and future lies in Photography. Would like to study and experiment new techniques add my very own style and tone to very frame.


ICF 2017 Astro Photographer Award  

COVA Award Winner 2018


Featured in Nikon Asia

Featured in Nikon School India

Featured in Viewbug and more

Featured in Natgeo

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