Into the Nilgiris.

Rewinding memories of Nilgiri

The name derived from the trip which we done on December 2016. The idea for writing this blog is to recollect old memories where I can take you back to the time and to share my photography and travel experiences.

Day 1 Started from Coonoor (Nilgiris district)


Day started with beautiful welcoming from stunning landscape view at an altitude of 1,850 (6,070ft) above sea level. It is the second largest hill station in the Nilgiri hills after Ooty. The covered landscape is full of tea plantations and trees even some architectures. But before capturing a Landscape one of the most important thing is dramatic light condition, well in this case the clouds were busy moving which covered the sun and keep on projecting the landscape so dull. We waited for at least an hour so that we may get chance to witness this beautiful scape neither astonishing nor at least decent way. Thanks to mother nature, the waiting didn't failed this time. We were so excited after seeing the light which i was dreaming before. Clicked and Started further to explore.

Green Land


Exploring we gone through made so disappointed due to huge amount of humans everywhere we frame it. So we decided to go back because the sun started setting down and we know the light makes magical by this time, as expected the light was pretty hard which created light rays everywhere. And we were so lucky to witness this lights rays in a fantastic view that took our breath away. The colors nature shown was absolutely amazing. Once we photographed this beauty we moved further.

Falling Light


Further we moved, more intense in colors we experienced. Slanting landscape with layers of silhouette background mountains combined with stunning dusk made the evening completely mesmerized. We didn't spent too much here because we were running out of light. And this photograph become the last one for that day.




Day started in travel towards Manjoor, here our task is to find best moment in landscape. Then we decided to introduce subject into landscapes but we were so cautious that the frame should not be disturbed or distracted. So I thought we can move towards human subjects should perfect match for the landscape where the scene should never been created artificially. We traveled 30+km away from Ooty towards upper bhavani which has 34 Hairpin Bends to find what we were expecting. At 21st Hairpin bend we triangulated our dreamed frame. Wow what a moment we had, An old man in his farm, it was astonishing seeing him surrounded with eucalyptus trees and tea plants. And i was intentionally wants to show the sun to create more dynamic to this frame. After this section we didn't stopped.

Guardian of Land


Stopping was frequently happening through out the entire trip, because everywhere we see mountains start calling us. But we were looking even more to make every frame interesting and unique. After 21st hairpin bend everything was mind blowing and curiosity gone higher, especially on a particular place the landscape was whole new level where road was so intense and sun was setting perfectly on my right side of my pre-composed frame, but hey I wanted to add even more essence for this amazing scene. So we waited for sometime to let magic to happen. And we were blessed, we noticed a lonely man walking towards us. When the time comes perfect this was the frame I captured.


Capturing photographs and doing long travel side by side we didn't lost interest. We were moving towards further almost nearing Upper bhavani. By that time the sun was totally set and dusk light was so subtle. A particular spot grabbed my attention where an architecture was constructed in between trees and with beautiful background, golden color with little amount of blue sky, pattern of trees kept this frame special. For this shot I chose to make this frame tighter to ensure minor details. Once I clicked this frame we started heading back because we were about experience dark.


Dark, a whole new experience in my entire life, While coming back from upper bhavani we met a grandmother by asking her, is there any rooms nearby to stay tonight. And her reply was shocking and surprising, she said you =can stay in my home itself. I will definitely say we were lucky to stay their because, the place extremely dark where we can observe the stars crystal clear in our naked eye. Though the sky was dark we decided to capture their amazing home under billion stars but the weather was extremely cold and it was bit challenging to stay and shoot. At last we did it and the Night ended with precious memories.


Memories on our last night in Nilgiri will never get erased from us. Under Billion Star home, there is two god's living together who was very parental in nature. The love they shown made us completely flattened, for them we are strangers but there affection was feel like my own grandpa and grandma. And true their home is a palace for us under billion star experience.

-----------------------------------SIGNING OFF NILGIRIS-----------------------------------

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