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I am Alone

Sometimes surreal scene + Beautiful sunshine and of course happens on an ultimate location, that will really a big treat for any photographers.

Guardian of Garden

Surprise! For me predicting a frame isn't a big deal or not a big fan either but I do love in surprises, Just imagine, when you are walking on a dry land so long in thirsty, suddenly when you eye notices pure water flow just before you, what will be the feeling? The exact feel happened here. Totally gone mad after seeing a Man standing inside his tea garden surrounded by trees and plantations, pure nature also the sun was perfectly shining which is what i needed to make this frame so punchy.....

The Monk

Completely unpredicted frame where my heart ain't wants to deny this beautiful moment. I was so lucky to witness a Monk who was perfectly placed in a scenic background near Diskit Monastery. Very much happy after all he said Ok to take picture of him.....

Age Look

Didn't took so much to find a Portrait face. It was like a coincidence, in fact I never had an idea to do portrait capture by that time. The moment I saw him, unknowingly I tempted to photograph is spectacular face, at that moment I personally felt "one of the best portrait face on this earth" !!! Luckily I had white background wall which felt like an Indoor section.

Fighting Against Mother Nature

Living a restless life is always being something unique from others. Each and Every day these men taking 100% risk to feed us where they don't even mind about their life at edge. We always do respect these men who is living for our survival. These men can be equally treated as God gifted Humans. Let them blessed by Mother Nature. From my side I will be giving BIG SALUTE to them at all time.

World in Silhouette

How can I forget to photograph when I am treated with this kind of scenario. This is purely a dramatic moment where I was deliberately made this frame in silhouette mood. It was totally a funny moment because the girl was fully loaded in self photography interest and those 2 poor guys were acting like her photographer. And more interesting thing in the frame is the guy in left, because he is minding his own work without minding the ambience .

Colourful Friendship Day

Holy 2015 Sowcarpet "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend." by: Albert Camus

Divine Rise Above the Level

Totally a breath taking sunrise because the Sun actually rises perfectly from the Horizon itself which was seen very clearly.... Al though the impressive part was this man was staring at the sunrise by sitting very cool on a boat. The very fine moment itself I loved to photography those 2 interesting subjects (Sunrise and The Man) Awesome rise at Marina

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