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We all know World first Photograph is Black & White combination, well in recent days I was slightly diverted from colorscapes to Black & White combination and I knew I am not perfect in this process but I am trying to make it better sooner so I am learning and experimenting with subjects also in post work. I convinced myself to make this frame B/W but I do have color version of this.

Blue Hour Beauty

Since the landscape is so huge there were so many advantages for composing the frame. The water spread across, so politely moving clouds, architectures were glowing and I decided to capture in the blue hour time for making this frame much more dynamic look. Well, of course, I have shot this place so many times in different lighting but this time I scouted for the new place for new perspective.

Ennore Power Plant

Now presenting whole new level of imaging called Exposure time blending. This is my first try which came out acceptable result but I am gonna experiment even better to make it more creative in coming days.

Night View Of The Carlton (Kodaikana

My Experience while photographing this frame was so weird. Because the weather almost like 8° where I never witnessed before in my life time. I was freezing dead cold more than a hour but my only intention is to complete this frame with no hesitations.

Dusk beauty with Ennore Plant

I was super happy the moment I saw this frame, because it was an unexpected visit and uncovered location in my database. Personally I felt I missed the sunset but still I loved the dusk light, cloud structures and the beautiful lights populated in the power plant which made this frame so beautiful. Photography section with Vivek Venkatesan

Chithra Pournami

Chitra Pournami, the most popular event occur in Kanyakumari. It is the only place in India where one can enjoy the unique spectacle of sunset and moonrise simultaneously on full moon days. Over thousands of people combined to see this beautiful Nature's gift. And I was so luckily because I got a chance to extend my stay back time in this district which was perfectly matched with this event. I can say this is another unforgettable moment in my photography trip because I was observing this event

360° Night View of T.Nagar

My 1st Planetary Effect Process Differently one of the best Rooftop to see the Beauty of T.Nagar (Chennai) Lights.

Shri Shirdi Sai Temple

A beautiful Night where I spent very little amount of time under the stars in Sai Baba temple which is located on the way to Kanyakumari. An excellent architectural design and a peaceful ambience which made me a refreshable person at that moment. This temple will be like a beacon in its surroundings.

MGR memorial "In Chennai Marina"

One of the beautiful architectural design in our Singara Chennai I have witnessed. I had a long time plan to capture its beauty since I owned my 1st DSLR but I didn't got a chance to photograph, then after getting my 1st Full Frame I start thinking where to take my camera. Suddenly I decided to take my NIKON D750 to MGR samadhi for capture its beauty at low light to get the maximum dynamic range. Also I was so lucky to experience an excellent colours in sky which was so vivid. Thank you

Anna Nager Tower

Anna Nagar Tower Park, officially known as Dr. Visveswaraya Tower Park, is an urban park at Chennai, India. It is located in the suburb of Anna Nagar. It is the tallest park tower in Chennai...

T.Nager Night view

To show the Beauty of our Chennai City, I would really love to put my camera above the rooftops which will be the tallest spot around neighbours. Because rooftop photographs will cover a large view of our cites lights and architects which be like a beacon. I feel a lot comfortable while taking a rooftop photographs because the distractions will be very very less when compared in street captures. This is the view pointing towards T.Nager where you can see some popular stores in this photograph.

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